Welcome to the website of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Czech Republic

According to a statistic of JETRO, nowadays 254 Japanese companies of both manufacturing (103) and non-manufacturing industries (148) and research institutes (3) have been attracted by the beautiful Czech landscape, excellent human resources, easy access to the European market, and the strong infrastructure. Today, the foreign direct investment from Japan have reached 122 billion Czech crowns and it records the second largest FDI to the Czech Republic. The statistic also tells us Japanese companies created 46, 970 job opportunities in the Czech Republic. Products such as automobiles, televisions, home electronics and all sorts of parts are exported worldwide, primarily to Europe. The Japanese companies continue to grow and contribute to the Czech economy.

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Czech Republic unites Japanese companies operating in the Czech Republic. Its main purpose is to support the business activities of its members, contribute to the economic and business relations, and promote friendship between the two countries. It conducts regular meetings, visits to the Czech companies and carries out various other supportive activities to promote mutual understanding between Japan and the Czech Republic. Chamber has currently 160 members.


1) I am interested in obtaining the member list of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Czech Republic. Is it available to public?

⇒ The list of members is exclusively available to its members. It is neither distributed nor sold.

2) I am interested in cooperation with a Japanese company. Does the Chamber provide any assistance?

⇒ If you intend to start a concrete cooperation, please contact us via e-mail. However, we may not be able to coordinate the cooperation in all cases. Also, we reject any responsibility for the results of any business negotiations. Please note we do not respond to any requests demanding simple sales or purchases.

3) How do I become a member in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Czech Republic?

⇒ New members are accepted any time. Either Japanese companies or companies with Japanese speaking personnel under certain conditions are accepted.

4) What is the membership fee?

⇒ The annual membership fee amounts to 25 thousands CZK (subject to changes)

5) Does the Chamber make any charitable donations?

⇒ The Chamber does not make any donations.

6) Does the chamber coordinate any concert and other entertainment activities?

⇒ No, the Chamber does not have a capacity to coordinate any entertainment activities. This includes purchase of tickets.

7) I am interested in the Japanese culture. Do you provide any information services?

⇒ Any Japanese culture activities are beyond the scope of the Chamber activities. We recommend you to contact the Embassy of Japan in the Czech Republic or the Czech-Japanese Association.